Introducing Summit


Summit is a simple one-column WordPress theme, perfect for blogging and small business. It features large header images and a number of customizable display options. Social icons can be added to the header. A customizable widget area is available in the footer. Summit is also responsive and looks great on desktop and mobile devices. I encourage you to check out the demo to see how it looks.

The documentation page has a video explaining how to set everything up. There are options to upload a logo, header image, background, and to change some of the colors- all through the WordPress theme customizer.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll also be publishing some step-by-step tutorials to show how Summit can be used for restaurant websites, wedding websites, musician websites and more. Though don’t let that stop you from checking it out and starting to build a site on it now.

Summit marks a shift for DevPress development-wise. It is built off of Underscores and does not incorporate Hybrid Core. Hybrid may be used for future themes, but didn’t quite make sense for this project. Grunt is used as part of the build process and SASS for styling.

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