Precise Sales for WooCommerce

Precise Sales for WooCommerce is a plugin that enables product sale scheduling to the day, hour and minute.

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By default WooCommerce functionality only offers scheduling to the day, which means scheduled sales are locked into rigid 24 hour increments. This plugin adds a field for hour and minute, so that sales can be scheduled to start and end at a more precise time.

This extension is especially helpful for shops that operate in a country with multiple timezones (like the United States) that want to offer a one day sale. For those shops, a sale can start at midnight in one timezone and end at midnight in another timezone- allowing a 27 hour sale (or other arbitrary period) rather than being locked into increments of 24 hours.

Additional Information

By default WooCommerce stores scheduled sale times in a unix timestamp format using the product meta fields `_sale_price_dates_to` and `_sale_price_dates_from`.

This plugin uses the same product meta fields to store the more percise sale timestamp. If the plugin is ever disabled, any previously scheduled sales will still work and use the more percise time that was initially set unless the product is later updated, in which case it will revert to the default date functionality.


The majority of this code was contributed by Igor Benic and developed for Universal Yums. It was converted to a standalone plugin and polished for release by Devin Price.