WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions

This WooCommerce extension adds additional coupon restriction options that you can use with your WooCommerce coupon codes.

You can now view and purchase this extension through the WooCommerce Marketplace.

This extension gives you the option to restrict coupons to:

  • New Customers
  • Existing Customers
  • Specific Countries
  • Specific States
  • Specific Postal or Zipcodes

New Customers

The new customer coupon restriction is perfect for e-commerce sites that have a high lifetime customer value. A deep discount can help convert first time customers who will hopefully return for subsequent purchases.

If a customer is logged in, the extension will verify that they haven’t purchased anything from the site before allowing the coupon to be applied. For customers that aren’t logged in, the coupon verification runs right before checkout once the e-mail address has been entered.

Calculate Earnings with a New Customer Coupon

A new customer coupon only makes sense if it helps you increase your customer conversion rate. Use this simple calculator to see how a new customer coupon will affect your revenues.

Existing Customers

There are a number of use cases where you might want to target a coupon code for existing customers:

  • You’ve released a new version of a digital product and want to give customers a discount on the new version.
  • You’ve raised prices on specific products, but want to give existing customers a chance to purchase at the original price.
  • You simply want to reward your existing customer base with a special coupon.

Specific Countries

The country restriction allows you to select one or more countries that the coupon is restricted to. You may want to use country restrictions for:

  • Special country promotions (Singles Day in China, Black Friday in the United States, etc)
  • Currency changes or fluctuations
  • Coupons that help discount shipping charges to specific countries

Specific States or Provinces

The state restriction allows you to select one or more states or provinces that the coupon is restricted to.

Specific Postal Codes or Zip Codes

The country restriction allows you to select one or more postal or zipcodes that the coupon is restricted to.

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Requires: WooCommerce 4.9.0 or higher

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