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Around four years ago, started with four founders. Due to a case of too many Chiefs and not enough Indians, the team didn’t mesh well and the site never got traction. For a short time, DevPress was dying and members were left hanging so I offered to take over. On my own with DevPress, I found some success here and there. There were high times (like DevPress’s partnership with, but also low times. Through thick and thin I stuck by until recently I had to let go.

Last weekend, I held an auction to sell DevPress due to my wife’s mounting medical bills and lack of time to manage DevPress properly for the last few months. After posting the auction online, I reached out to a few individuals in the WordPress community to seek help finding a buyer. Within 24 hours, someone made a bid to end the auction.

I jumped at accepting the bid because I instantly recognized who it was from and is familiar with his work. More bids and offers came in as news of the auction started spreading, but I honored the first accepted bid because I felt it would be the perfect fit for DevPress going forward.

The bid was from Devin Price, a WordPress developer from Austin, Texas — owner of He’s WordPress-competent, is involved in giving back and contributing toward the GPL community, and most importantly he is consistent, which DevPress desperately needs. You can check out some of his work here:

After speaking with Devin and discussing with him through email exchanges, I trust that he’s acquiring DevPress for the long term and will no doubt make DevPress a better place to be a member of, starting with the upcoming theme releases he has in store.

As for things like membership terms, pricing, affiliate commission rate, current themes, and everything else, they stay the same. Also, to help Devin make the transition, I’ll stick around for at least a year to give support and update themes that I built for DevPress.

EDIT: If your membership renewal is coming up, it will be paid to my PayPal account until the entire membership and payment system are transferred to the new owner. If you don’t cancel your subscription, your access to DevPress will continue as usual.

Thank you for your patience and support for DevPress’s future. And to wrap this up, I’d like to thank my friends and the WordPress community in general for all the help with the auction. As a community, you’ve proved time and time again that you protect your own. I am surprised, relieved, and humbled by this experience, and certainly grateful to be a part of such a community. And to Devin, thanks for the perfect timing; you are the type of developer I’m looking for to take over DevPress and the community agrees.

About Tung Do

Watermelon and fried-food loving theme designer from Dalat, Vietnam. I love designing themes. I heard the key to happiness with what you do for a living is to find the one thing you'd do for free. Designing themes is my thing. I know this because I've done it for free.

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  1. Devin Price

    Hi Tung. I’m happy and humbled to continue the great work you’ve started here. DevPress is a terrific site. Its reputation for great design, excellent code, and good support were all reasons I wanted it to continue in good hands. I’m looking forward growing the community and excited to release some new themes this year.

    If anyone has questions about the transition, please ask in the comments. Tung and I will do our best to answer them.

  2. Exciting to hear that Devin will be taking over. I have been following him for some time and he is clearly a smart and skilled developer and writer. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you take DevPress Devin!

  3. This still feels weird to me. Not even sure why. It was never four founders for me. It was just you and Justin. And after a while DevPress was just you. It is you.

    But as they say nothing last forever, not even cold November rain. I hope all the best for Tung in his life and for Devin his excellent choice. I have followed you for a while and I’m sure that you are perfect front man for DevPress. Keep it up, or sell it to me for 1000$:)

  4. wiselywoven

    Tung: You are a shining light in the WordPress community. Thank you for all your hard work here at DevPress. I pray that your wife finds healing and that you find satisfaction in whatever you put your hands to. Don’t give up.

    Devin: Welcome! I am excited to hear that DevPress lives on. I’ve always suspected that it would rise again. I look forward to learning about you and your work and seeing where you will take DevPress.

  5. FxB

    @Tung, happy you find someone to take over. I wish all the best to you and especially to your wife…

    @Devin, ok great, let’s see with what you’ll come with. DevPress is such a beautiful place to discover amazing themes and plugins. I’m sure it will always be the same.

    @both I will be happy to continue providing the French translations as i always did.

  6. chris mccoy

    glad someone that is involved is taking it over like devin, not someone just buying it for the revenue and not doing anything with the product, ive seen it time and time again where they run it into the ground.

    will be renewing for sure ;)

  7. […] WPDesigner and “Small Potato” was also a huge source of inspiration at the time. I wanted to be a prolific theme developer like Tung Do. Unfortunately, the WPDesigner has since been sold and shut down, but Tung still carries on at DevPress (edit: nevermind, he sold his site too) […]

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