Cascade Updates

Cascade has always been one of my favorite themes in the DevPress collection. Tung Do did an excellent job with the design- it feels fresh and modern with almost any content. I’ve seen it used for photography websites, personal blogs, restaurants and a number of other small businesses.


About the Updates

I’ve been releasing minor updates for all the DevPress themes, but with Cascade I’ve decided to do a much bigger rewrite. I wanted to bring in some of the new features that Gather and Summit use- like the theme customizer, social menus, and additional styling options. I also wanted to rethink some of the responsive styling, especially around the menus. You can view the updated demo here. The release will be out later this week.

Although I’ve I do my best to keep themes compatible from version to version, if you’ve created a customized child theme for Cascade you will likely need to make some additional adjustments after updating to 0.3.0. I’m contacting all the authors who have active licenses about these updates, but you can also get in touch if you want me to take a look at your site before you make the update.

The three-column layouts have been dropped in this latest version. 320px didn’t seem wide enough for post content and I didn’t see any sites that were actually using these layouts. If these are in use on your site, please get in touch.

After You Upgrade

  • Widget locations have changed slightly in this version. Please check that your widgets are still set correctly after updating in “Appearance” > “Widgets”.
  • If you wish to continue using breadcrumbs on pages, please install the Breadcrumb Trail plugin by Justin Tadlock
  • Image sizes have changed slightly in this version. You can regenerate your images with this plugin so they display at the perfect size.

If you’ve updated and notice anything amiss, please contact me in the support forum.

New Features

For folks who upgrade, you’ll notice all the options have been moved into the Customizer.


There’s also additional options for colors, typography, hiding post dates, and displaying featured images.

If you want to link to any social sites (like Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Facebook, etc), just add those custom links to your menu. This theme will automatically create the icons. There’s three menu locations available for those links.


With this theme we’ve moved away from Hybrid Core as a framework, though we are still using a few Hybrid modules (like Loop Pagination, and support for Breadcrumb Trail). If there’s any Hybrid hooks you’re missing- please let me know.

If you like using Grunt and Sass for development, great! You’ll find all the files you need in this latest version.

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