New: Boast Theme

The fourth theme to be released in last three weeks on DevPress, Boast is a photo blog theme, but designed using a magazine style layout. It features a sleek, dark design with logo uploader, custom menu,..

New: Tourmaline WordPress Theme

Tourmaline is the third theme to be released within the last two weeks on DevPress (patting myself on the back). Inspired by and very much based on Tourmaline is a four-column theme made for personal..

WordPress is a Copy-Cat Business

I know what you’re thinking. He doesn’t have the decency to save his rant until the weekends. How rude! On top of that, it’s a rant without images and links. I’m testing your patience. I know…

New: Insouciance WordPress Theme

With many authors already focused on catering to blogs with multiple post formats (videos, images, quotes, etc.), I felt the need to create a classic two-column blog theme focused on long articles and came up with..

New: Beaver WordPress Theme

It’s been a while since the last theme release here on I was busy with DP Dashboard. I’m happy to announce the release of Beaver — a single-column WordPress theme focused on blogging. You can..

WordPress Admin Checklist

While working on DP Dashboard, I created a checklist to redesign the WordPress admin pages. The WordPress admin system is massive. Most that attempts to redesign it ends up creating their own layer simply to not..

Design Guide for Plugin Developers

Plugin developers, you’re doing too much with your plugin setting pages — colors, layouts, and tables inconsistent with WordPress, inline CSS, !important, just too much. The WordPress admin is a complicated system. If you don’t test..

The Trouble With No Grandparents in the WordPress Community

Grandparents love us because they see an opportunity to correct their parenting mistakes. Unfortunately for you, you’re a WordPress child and when parents fight, there’s no one to run to. WordPress lacks grandparents, entities that have..