Preview: Ravintola WordPress Theme

Ravintola is an upcoming WordPress theme to be released on It’s being developed primarily for websites of restaurants and cafes, but many of its features can be used for other businesses (for example, settings for: company description, business hours, contact information, and Google map location.)


It will come with a plugin for adding and managing menu items.


Here’s the singular template for Pages and Posts. Don’t pay attention to the justified texts. It’s justified in the preview just so I don’t pay too much attention to filler texts while designing.


Last but not least, here’s the custom template for the about page.

Wrap Up

About Tung Do

Watermelon and fried-food loving theme designer from Dalat, Vietnam. I love designing themes. I heard the key to happiness with what you do for a living is to find the one thing you'd do for free. Designing themes is my thing. I know this because I've done it for free.

11 Responses

  1. StephenS


    Good to see you back working on themes. I noticed a posted referring to another theme. Does that mean you are working on and will be releasing two themes or was the other one cancelled?

  2. PaulB

    Very nice Tung. :)

    It makes me hungry just looking at it! :D ;)
    But seriously, I think that’s one of the cleanest Restaurant/Cafe targeted themes I’ve seen. Many are cluttered with cutesy or irrelevant bit’s that actually detract from the target of the theme.


  3. This theme looks awesome, any updates on when it might be released? I’m hoping I can use it for a new client site, thanks! Great work as usual!

  4. Hi Tung Do,

    This theme is great, is it mobile responsive?

    Secondly, when will it be released for purchase? I have an interest in buying the theme for one of my business portfolio here in Nigeria.

  5. Alright Tung Do,

    Will wait for your update.

    Do you also offer website customization ( e.g. probably from Genesis child theme). if so, what are your rates and charges?

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