How to Create Menus

To create menus:

  • Go to `Appearance > Menus`
  • Fill out the Menu Name and click Create Menu
  • Start adding menu items to your menu.
  • To create drop-down menu items, drag an item under and to the right of another item. It might be confusing to do this correctly, but don’t stop dragging the item until it sits under the parent them with a left indentation. If it’s simply sitting under the parent item and evenly aligned then it’s not going to be a drop-down item.
  • Click on Save Menu button

If you want to add categories, tags or post types to your menu and don’t see an option for that, click “Screen Options” at the very top of the page and make sure they are displayed on the menu admin page.

After creating your menu, you need to assign it to a theme menu location. On the `Appearance > Menus` page, the Theme Locations box has one or many drop down fields depending on the number of menus the theme offers. Assign a menu to a theme menu location and click on the Save button at the bottom of the Theme Locations box.