How do you install the themes?

Here’s a tutorial on theme installation.

I successfully installed your theme, but my front page doesn’t look like your demo.

Some themes have custom front page templates. It’s best to read that theme’s documentation to find out how to use the front page template. In some cases, you simply need to install the theme on a live site with actual content.

How do I modify my theme?

If you just need alter styles for items that are not available in the theme customizer, we recommend using the JetPack Plugin with the Custom CSS Module enabled. This allows you to easily paste in any additional style rules. We also have pre-built child themes available for all DevPress themes.

I modified my site and did everything right, but see no changes.

Are you using a cache plugin to speed up your site? If yes, it could be serving you the cached/saved version, not the latest version that has your modifications. Deactivate the cache plugin or temporarily turn it off through the cache plugin’s settings.

How do I change the logo?

Here’s a tutorial on theme logos.

Can (blank) theme be used as a regular website?

Most themes are built for blogs, but they may come with custom home page layouts that look like regular websites. It’s best to try out some themes to see which is the best fit for your site. Then, you can move on from there to customize it. Any theme can be made to work as a regular website if you know how. The difference is you will have an easier time with some of them.

How do I turn off comments for a post or page?

Find the Allow Comments option, un-check it, and update the post or page. If you don’t see this option, go to the top right corner and click Screen Options then click on the Discussion box to show the options to turn on/off comments.

How do I turn off all comments?

Go to Settings > Discussion, un-check.

How do I add Google Analytics to my site?

There are many free WordPress plugins for this, no need to modify the theme. My favorite is Google Analyticator.