Ravintola, New WordPress Theme for Restaurants


Ravintola is a WordPress theme designed for restaurants, cafes, and small business websites.



Ravintola is released with few changes since the previews — posted earlier.

  • Improved Comments Template Design: The comments styling looked fine in the preview screenshots because I used filler content that were uniformed/unrealistic. When I was coding the comments area, it looked off balance so I had to redesign it.
  • No Jigoshop Integration: Initially, I wanted to integrate the Jigoshop Ecommerce plugin, but I doubt the majority of this theme’s audience would need it. I’ll see whether to integrate Jigoshop from the users’ responses.

About Tung Do

Watermelon and fried-food loving theme designer from Dalat, Vietnam. I love designing themes. I heard the key to happiness with what you do for a living is to find the one thing you'd do for free. Designing themes is my thing. I know this because I've done it for free.

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  1. Hi Tung, this themes looks great, just one question though… In looking over the social icons list, I didn’t see one for Yelp. For U.S. restaurants, this is definitely a must-have option. Is there an easy way to add this? Thanks again, looking forward to trying this out soon!

  2. Hello Tung,

    I am from Holland. My businesspartner Mariken works with your theme and the plugin for restaurants. We have a problem with the showcasetemplate. Most of the mayor parts are customizable by the admin/theme/customize. But not the attached images. We put them in the wysiswyg, but in that case they are not to remove. After saving they stay in place. Only by deleting they are gone. Is there a certain place to put them so they can be customizable? Is this maybe a mistake in the php-code?

    Kind regards,

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