Background picture for post page and about sidebar

Hi, I’m here to ask how to set the background for posts as the home page in your demo shows? I can’t find the right place to change the background image for post. And another question..

problems with Sonorous theme

Hi, I’m quite new with wrodpress and I’m working on Sonorous Theme now. The link of Sonorous child theme doesn’t work. Could you please fix it? And is there any configuration already be setted for post..

inserting gravity forms in a post does not work properly

Hi Tung, When an excerpt on the homepage is clicked, the form is shown in full, but when you click in the form it disappears. Try “gratis proefles” for example. wordpress 3.6.1. gravityforms 1.7.9. Can you..

one category on the homepage

Hi Tung, I am in the process of redesigning this site with the sonorous theme. One question before I start: is it possible to show only one category of posts on the homepage? Access to all..

Stacking boxes

Once Infinite scroll is triggered, the boxes containing excerpts and featured images are stacked on top of each other. This issue is addressed by Dave Desandro: Can you help to see if this can be..

add site description to header.php

Hi Tung, I need to add a site description. Can you give me the right code to add to header.php? Thanks for helping. Regards Geert

Category page: items won’t open

When I click on a category, like lunch, the page opens. Then if you click on a posting, nothing happens. When looking at the demo on your site, it works. So I thought this might be..

Click on homepage item and go directly to item page

We’re using the Sonorous theme on our website. We really like it, except for one thing which we don’t understand. When clicking on the homepage on a post, the post opens on the homepage. We have..