Appropriate logo size

I´ve uploaded a test logo but it causes the top area of my site to expand vertically. How do I avoid this and how do I make sure my logo looks neat on an ipad retina..

Featured images do not display on Murmur portfolio project pages

Great theme! I really like the elegance and simplicity of Murmur, but I’ve having difficulty getting the portfolio functionality to display the set featured images. They are getting set in wp-admin and displaying on the /portfolio/..

Portfolio images not showing?

I’ve just changed my portfolio images, but now they wont show. The slider is there, but no image appears even though I’ve added 3. I’ve tried to delete them all and re-added all of them. But..

Front page slider

I am confused on how to add slides to the home page. I have read your documentation and I still do not get it – sorry. Please walk me through the steps. Thank you. kevin

Murmur not respecting reading settings

Murmur is not respecting settings for “Reading Settings – Blog pages show at most” – which I have set to 5 – I have 1 sticky post which spans 2 columns, then I get 5 normal..

How to display larger images in Murmur Portfolio

Unfortunately the site is not live atm, but I am having trouble with the image size for the portfolio plugin. I set the featured image to murmur-wide but the image on the page that has the..

Bulk change post layouts to 1 column

Hi, I recently installed Murmur and would need to change each of my posts layout to the 1 column layout. Is there a possibility to do this in a bulk, so I would not need to..