Murmur – Images on Porfolio Page

Hello Tung, I have created some projects, and have created feature images for those projects. From the slider, an image can link to a project. Now on the project itself, I do not see a clear..

Wobbly in Chrome on a windows

Hello! We are experiencing problems viewing this in Chrome on a windows, can you look into what the problem might be? Thanks!

Editing thumbnails on portfolio-page

Hello Tung, I have one question left concerning the portfolio-plugin: As I understood, the thumbnails on are created automatically using the featured image. I want the thumbnail to show a different part of the image…

Create “Journal” like on murmur demo-site

Good morning Tung, I am trying to build my website to look like the demo. I think I understand: homepage = static page with portfolio showcase services, our team, about, contact = pages portfolio = automatically..

DP Portfolio – Translation of captions

Hello Tung, I would like to translate the titles “Client”, “Testimonial” and “Service provided” as shown in, because I need my website to talk german. I already looked into the “dp-portfolio.php”. Can you please tell..

How to remove paging

Hello, Short question; As you can see, there are 2 pages, is it possible to remove the paging and just have 1 page with all the items? Thnx!