Old versions of DP Dashboard, available?

I saw a review of DP Dasboard and noticed the Dark Skin, and immediately got a membership. Only to find out Darkness has been discontinued. Is it possible to get the old versions of DP Dashboard?..

How to change lay out of project details page

Hi Tung, On desktop I would like to have the content 100% width. The slider floating in the content in the right top. Could that be done? These projects need a bit of text and explanation…

Creating secondary menu in Murmur “Portfolio” demo

Hi, I’m fairly new to wordpress and am having trouble creating the secondary menu under “Portfolio” in the murmur demo ie “All Design Photography Development WordPress.” I’m assuming I need to create several projects and assign..

My pictures are not loading and are replace with a placeholder image

My blog images are not loading and are replaced by this placeholder grey image: http://romancingthestonesblog.com/wp-content/themes/hatch/images/single_image_placeholder.png How do I edit this so my original images imported from my wordpress blog load instead of this place holder?

inserting gravity forms in a post does not work properly

Hi Tung, When an excerpt on the homepage is clicked, the form is shown in full, but when you click in the form it disappears. Try “gratis proefles” for example. wordpress 3.6.1. gravityforms 1.7.9. Can you..

DP-Dashboard Shows Mobile View By Default

I have just installed DP Dashboard on WordPress 3.5.2 but the theme shows the compacted/mobile view by default, instead of the full view like this: https://devpress.com/wp-content/themes/devpress/images/dashboard/base-dashboard.png

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