Featured slider Murmur theme

For some reason I don’t get the featured slider at the home page. I installed the two plugin’s, created two projects, but what do I have to do in the theme settings? Probably somebody else asked..

Contact-form design

I was wondering, if there is a possibility to design the contact form, like you did on your Zenith demopage? I am currently using the Plugin Conntact Form 7. I really like how it integrates with..

Showcase doesnt work

To be honest, i am pretty new to the world of programming and website. Nevertheless i really want to set up my own website. Your template is the way to go for me, cause i couldnt..


I know your not really supporting this at the moment but can you please tell me where i can download it, or email me a old version?


Sorry, I am a real beginner. I cannot find how to create the nice home page. I’ve got one, but how do I create the pictures in it as well as the pictures below (which are..

Showcase layout on homepage

Hello, I have just started working with your Zenith theme and I have a few questions, apologies if these have been asked before. I would like my homepage to use the showcase style layout however I’m..

Could I create a new page template?

Hi Tung, As I am working on my portfolio, I need lots tailoring works on the Murmur Theme. (A great theme template! Many Thanks). I was thinking if it is possible to create a new page..

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