portfolio menu (roles,types)

hi , im trying to make murmor theme to realestate website in hebrew. i have 2 problem 1) the roles and types dont work in hebrew letters, i can see them on the portfolio menu.but when..

murmur theme – portfilo

hi. how do i make page like this “http://devpress.com/demo/murmur/portfolio/”. i made 3 portfolio project with image (and its shows on home page currently like slider). how do i connect the portfolio to a page to been..

Tourmaline Download

i bought this theme ! but the download file i get is 0bytes its emty ??? i tried to download it from both your site after payment and also from the link provided in email after..

Demo content

Hi guys! I’m wondering if there is a demo content file? I haven’t being able to find it. Thanks, both for the help and the theme. Saúl

Zenith-child file/ set featured image not working

Hi – just bought the Zenith theme and tried to download the child files from your site, but the sonorous-child.zip is associated with the download link. Does there exist a child for Zenith, A further issue..

Automatic Update Notifications and License

This summer, I used the Cascade theme to create a client’s website; it is my first experience with DevPress themes. A month ago, I received an email stating the following: “If you have your theme license..

Quiescent Issues

Lots of questions here. Hope that I have not overlooked some topic(s) in the Docs. Using Quiescent, is there a minimum pixel dimension that each image should meet? I have observed that if the image is..

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