Tourmaline Download

i bought this theme ! but the download file i get is 0bytes its emty ??? i tried to download it from both your site after payment and also from the link provided in email after..

Demo content

Hi guys! I’m wondering if there is a demo content file? I haven’t being able to find it. Thanks, both for the help and the theme. Saúl

Zenith-child file/ set featured image not working

Hi – just bought the Zenith theme and tried to download the child files from your site, but the is associated with the download link. Does there exist a child for Zenith, A further issue..

Automatic Update Notifications and License

This summer, I used the Cascade theme to create a client’s website; it is my first experience with DevPress themes. A month ago, I received an email stating the following: “If you have your theme license..

Quiescent Issues

Lots of questions here. Hope that I have not overlooked some topic(s) in the Docs. Using Quiescent, is there a minimum pixel dimension that each image should meet? I have observed that if the image is..

No CSS Stylesheet

Hi, I’m having an issue with the Murmur theme. When trying to install, I get this error: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” In addition, the zip folder is..

Where is the sliders plugin

In the documentary from Cascading it says there is a Sliders plugin from DevPress but I can’t find it. Is it still active? Greetings, Toon

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