Cinnamon, gallery trouble

Hi I’m having troubles with gallery posts in cinnamon. I select three columns for the gallery, but it appears as if there is a br after the second, splitting the row in two (creating rows of..


Please can you help me with setting a different format for this page. I would like it to show in the Big-Images format.


I joined DevPress for the Oxygen theme, and my dashboard says there’s a new version available, but it takes me to another site ( What’s up with that? How do I get support for this theme..

Goa theme?

I’ve noticed a couple of other posts asking about other themes that have disappeared from the site, but the links given in answer to where they’ve gone just leads to an 404 error page. I purchased..

Basic Form Adjustment (Zenith)

Hello! I just want to ask which codes to edit to adjust the width of the text field for “name,” “email,” etc. when including a form on a page. The text area for “comment” is the..

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