Goa theme?

I’ve noticed a couple of other posts asking about other themes that have disappeared from the site, but the links given in answer to where they’ve gone just leads to an 404 error page. I purchased..

Basic Form Adjustment (Zenith)

Hello! I just want to ask which codes to edit to adjust the width of the text field for “name,” “email,” etc. when including a form on a page. The text area for “comment” is the..

Remove space and increase menu font size

I was hoping to reduce space/air in the page description and the menu area. Is that possible? And is it possible to increase the size of the menu font?

Social Buddypress Theme

Happy New Year everyone! Curious to know if DevPress will be releasing any new theme that is community based (bbpress+buddypress) example 1 http://i.imgur.com/rKT9q.png example 2 http://i.imgur.com/32ZAQ.png Thanks!!

Remove dates, meta and add facebook buttom

Hello, I am,s etting up a test site with Murmur. I ave the following questions.. and would be very happy to get help with them. How can i remove “Recent Comments Meta Site Admin Log out..

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