Having trouble with galleries

Working on this site for a friend. I actually just did a fresh WP install (which is why there isn’t much on the site) hoping it would solve my problem, but it hasn’t. I’m trying to..

Category page: items won’t open

When I click on a category, like lunch, the page opens. Then if you click on a posting, nothing happens. When looking at the demo on your site, it works. So I thought this might be..

Editing thumbnails on portfolio-page

Hello Tung, I have one question left concerning the portfolio-plugin: As I understood, the thumbnails on https://devpress.com/demo/murmur/portfolio/ are created automatically using the featured image. I want the thumbnail to show a different part of the image…

Create “Journal” like on murmur demo-site

Good morning Tung, I am trying to build my website to look like the demo. I think I understand: homepage = static page with portfolio showcase services, our team, about, contact = pages portfolio = automatically..

DP Portfolio – Translation of captions

Hello Tung, I would like to translate the titles “Client”, “Testimonial” and “Service provided” as shown in https://devpress.com/demo/murmur/portfolio/house/, because I need my website to talk german. I already looked into the “dp-portfolio.php”. Can you please tell..

title page only displays 10 out of 12 thumbnails

Hi I have the quiescent theme installed and have resized all images per instructions but the front page will only display 10 images on the grid rather than the full 12 any idea why this would..

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