add site description to header.php

Hi Tung, I need to add a site description. Can you give me the right code to add to header.php? Thanks for helping. Regards Geert

Having trouble with galleries

Working on this site for a friend. I actually just did a fresh WP install (which is why there isn’t much on the site) hoping it would solve my problem, but it hasn’t. I’m trying to..

Category page: items won’t open

When I click on a category, like lunch, the page opens. Then if you click on a posting, nothing happens. When looking at the demo on your site, it works. So I thought this might be..

Editing thumbnails on portfolio-page

Hello Tung, I have one question left concerning the portfolio-plugin: As I understood, the thumbnails on are created automatically using the featured image. I want the thumbnail to show a different part of the image…

Create “Journal” like on murmur demo-site

Good morning Tung, I am trying to build my website to look like the demo. I think I understand: homepage = static page with portfolio showcase services, our team, about, contact = pages portfolio = automatically..

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