DP Dashboard – Error with CSS

Hi, today I purchased DP Dashboard and after activate it, my complete CSS from Dashboard and my Side was broken. Here you can see it on a Picture: http://balance-circle.de/medien/DP_Dashboard_Settings_Balance_Circle.png What should I do? Best regards

Wobbly in Chrome on a windows

Hello! We are experiencing problems viewing this in Chrome on a windows, can you look into what the problem might be? Thanks!

add site description to header.php

Hi Tung, I need to add a site description. Can you give me the right code to add to header.php? Thanks for helping. Regards Geert

Having trouble with galleries

Working on this site for a friend. I actually just did a fresh WP install (which is why there isn’t much on the site) hoping it would solve my problem, but it hasn’t. I’m trying to..

Category page: items won’t open

When I click on a category, like lunch, the page opens. Then if you click on a posting, nothing happens. When looking at the demo on your site, it works. So I thought this might be..

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