Multiple “Portfolio” pages?

Firstly, I’d prefer my “Portfolio” page to be called “Gallery” – I see how to change this on the Menu page in WP – but how do I do this for the actual Portfolio php page?..

Nothing Happens After Activation

Hello! I recently downloaded and installed the DP Dashboard plugin, but when I activate it nothing occurs. I can provide login information for my WP backend but I’m not sure why nothing is happening.. I get..

Indicate just the title and image on top page

Hi, I would not like to show the text of content on my top page. I hope to indicate just the article’s title and its image. I’ll use “Tourmaline” as a gallary of drawing. So, no..

Need a blog template

Tung, I am showing custom post types in the home page (so I can’t go choose static page for homepage and select another page for blog) . I am looking for a blog template to show..

Gallery bug?

I helped a friend set up a website at using Good. We got all of the galleries set up weeks ago. She wants to add some new images now and there seems to be a..

Stacking boxes

Once Infinite scroll is triggered, the boxes containing excerpts and featured images are stacked on top of each other. This issue is addressed by Dave Desandro: Can you help to see if this can be..

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