Sending Positive Vibes via WP Bromance

Justin holding Big Papa watermelon
Justin holding Big Papa watermelon
Justin holding Big Papa watermelon

It’s weird to declare your love for another man when you’re married to a beautiful woman and even weirder when you’ve never met that man in person, but I must say I love Justin Tadlock.

We crossed paths several times online, most recently the failed collaboration on DevPress, but I continue to support his work whenever I can. Hell, everything on DevPress is built on top of his drop-in theme framework, Hybrid Core.

We’re practically twins if he isn’t two years older, a foot taller, and Caucasian instead of Asian. He’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger to my Danny Devito.

While his six-foot-something, all-state football, tight-end frame doesn’t look the part, Justin is actually a hidden gem of a developer in the WordPress community. He has a habit of creating functions, scripts, and writing tutorials that I need even before I realize I’d need them. If you’ve been using WordPress for the last four to five years, you’ve more than likely benefited from his work.

He creates features so modular, flexible, and future proofed that they actually hurt his business at Much of his work has been copied and pasted in other products without attribution. But like the Louis C.K. of WordPress, whenever he gets ripped off, he moves forward and turn out even more great stuff.

From development approach and managing user expectations to managing my own ego and meeting deadlines, I’ve learn a great deal from Justin Tadlock and hope our paths cross again in the near future. So here’s you to buddy! The talented, but cautious developer who never complains about supporting a community of tens of thousands of members and someone who has yet to abandon any of his products unlike many other WordPress companies that have done so in the past.

I know it makes you cringe reading this, but this post is long overdue. You’ve done great things in the past five years. I wish you luck in the next five and hope to be there myself when you celebrate your success.

Love and Poke Fun Relationship

I’ve written a lot about Justin as a developer, but his humor is why I’m a fan of this big scruffy guy. Once, I told him that I’m sorry my knowledge of coding is not technical enough to appreciate what he’s about release. Without skipping a beat, he dropped this one on me:

It’s ok. I can be excited enough for the both of us.

And just today after discovering his script to grab audio shortcodes/embeds from the content, I told him, “thanks for this.” Of course, he couldn’t help himself and had to respond with…

@Tung – I know you had a design at one point that could’ve definitely used this functionality. So, now, two years later… :)

*sigh* Smartass…