WooCommerce New Customer Coupons

This WooCommerce extension allows you to restrict a coupon to new customers only. When setting up a new coupon, just click the “New Customers Only” checkbox.

This extension is perfect for e-commerce sites that have a high lifetime customer value. A deep discount can help convert first time customers who will hopefully return for subsequent purchases.

If a customer is logged in, the extension will verify that they haven’t purchased anything from the site before allowing the coupon to be applied. For customers that aren’t logged in, the coupon verification runs right before checkout once the e-mail address has been entered.

This extensions has unit tests that are run with every WooCommerce release, helping to ensure compatibility. It has been tested with sites up to 50,000 customer accounts.

This extension does not have one-click updates, but you will be e-mailed every time a new release is available. Support and updates are available for one year. License renewals are 50% off.