How to Translate a DevPress Theme

Any DevPress theme can be translated into your own language. We include a .pot file for each theme and are also actively working with professional translators to bundle translations.

If your language is not supported yet, there’s two ways you can make a translation:


Transifex is a service we use to manage all our translations at DevPress. It provides an easy web interface to write translations, and tools to share your translations amongst all our themes.

If you’d like to get involved with the DevPress translation team, you can simply sign up for Transifex to join or request your own translation team.


The other way to make a translation is use PoEdit. It’s a free tool that can be downloaded here.

To create a new translation:

  • Select “New from POT/PO file” in the File Menu
  • Select the .pot file for the theme (it is located in “languages” directory)
  • Write a translation for each string
  • Save out your .po file (this will also generate a .mo file)
  • Copy these files back into the “language” directory of your theme

If you’d like to share that translation, e-mail it contact [at] and we’ll add it to our Transifex translation bank.

Curious if WordPress itself has been translated in your language? See translation status for all locales.

Customizing Themes

Unfortunately we can’t offer support for customizing the themes beyond the options available in the theme customizer or options panel. However, you are definitely welcome to customize the CSS or code yourself or hire a developer to help you with that.

We also offer paid services for small customization projects and consultation.


If you just need alter styles for items that are not available in the theme customizer, we recommend using the JetPack Plugin with the Custom CSS Module enabled. This allows you to easily paste in any additional style rules.

DevPress Child Themes

When modifying a DevPress theme, we don’t recommend editing theme files directly unless you are doing a very custom implementation and plan to continue maintaining the theme. If you wish to continue to get updates from DevPress, we highly recommend using a child theme.

Child themes allow you to add custom functions, overwrite templates, and make design edits all without touching the parent theme’s files. All our themes are designed to function as parent themes.

Use our example child themes

If you’re unfamiliar with creating and setting up a custom child theme, no problem. You can find a child theme download already created for you here.

We’ve already created the folder structure, files, and everything else you need to get started when modifying your site.

Once you’ve installed the theme on your site, you need to go to Appearance > Themes in your WordPress admin and activate the child theme.