Page Templates

When creating a new page or editing a page, there’s a Template option at the lower right hand side. Selecting one of the templates for your page will activate the custom layout and features related to that template. If this is for an existing page, remember to click “Update” after setting your Template option.

  • Fullscreen Media: This template scans for all images attached to your page and creates a fullscreen slideshow using those images. Important: it scans for attached images meaning images you specifically uploaded for the selected page. It doesn’t include images you previously uploaded for other pages, but have inserted into this page as well.
  • Background Fullscreen Media: Similar to the template above, but it slides the images behind your content creating a fullscreen background slideshow.
  • Home: Similar to the two templates above, but this is used specifically for your front page. After selecting this template for one of your pages and uploading the images, go to Settings > Reading and select this page as your static front page. Note: after you’ve set this page as your static front page, your front page will not longer use infinite scrolling.

Fullscreen Videos

For all three templates above: if you want them to display a fullscreen video instead of a fullscreen slideshow of images, add a custom field named, “video” or “Video”. For the value of this custom field, use the URL of your video. Sample steps:

  • Edit a Page
  • Select Fullscreen Media or Background Fullscreen Media as the Template
  • Add custom field named, “video” or “Video”
  • Custom field value is
  • Click Update to save changes

Regardless of how many images you’ve uploaded, as long as a “video” or “Video” custom field exists, the templates will display a fullscreen video instead of fullscreen slideshow. Note: you cannot embed flash videos. The value of the custom field can only be an address pointing to where your video is stored.

If you do not see the custom field options, go to the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on the Screen Options tab. Then, check the box next to the Custom Fields option.

Post Templates

Similar to page templates above, for any post with attached images or a video custom field, selecting the Fullscreen Media or Background Fullscreen Media templates will a fullscreen video or fullscreen slideshow of images to that post.


Sonorous comes with two menu locations. To add menus, read our menus tutorial here. Note: only the primary location is capable of hosting drop-down menu items.

Further Customizations

If you need to make additional style changes or alter the theme template files, please read this post, which also includes downloadable child themes.