Quiescent adds two custom image sizes: 600 x 480 and 1200 x (infinite height). If you’re activating Quiescent for a pre-existing blog/site:

  • Install the Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild plugin
  • Activate it
  • Go to Tools > Rebuild Thumbnails
  • On the rebuild page, check quiescent-medium and quiescent-large. Leave the other options blank.
  • Click on Rebuild All Thumbnails.

Post Templates

By default, Quiescent does not display content entered in the main content editor area — the_content() is not used — but it does come with two alternate post templates.

  • Fullscreen Media: Use this template to create a fullscreen slideshow from images attached to the post.
  • Legacy: Use this template to display your content the standard way, meaning anything entered in the main content editor will be displayed.

Page Templates

  • Fullscreen Media: Similar to the fullscreen template for posts, this page template creates a fullscreen slideshow from all images attached to the selected page.

Content and Excerpts

Unlike other themes, by default, Quiescent makes use of custom excerpts instead of the main content editor. If you do not see the Excerpt field. At the top right side of your Post editing/creating page, click on Screen Options and check the Excerpt checkbox.

Further Customizations

If you need to make additional style changes or alter the theme template files, please read this post, which also includes downloadable child themes.