Post Formats

Formats are just another way to describe and organize your site’s content. Cornrows supports three formats: Standard, Gallery, and Image. When creating new posts, simply mark each as Standard, Image or Gallery in the Format box on the right side of the Add New Post page.

Page Templates

Cornrows has a Showcase template that will display your site’s content using a magazine like layout. To display a post twice the size of others like you see on the Cornrows demo, you need to select a post and edit it. On the edit screen, find the Publish box and edit the Visibility setting. Mark the check box to sticky it.

Post or Page Layout Option

Cornrows has two layout options: Default and One Column. Default is two columns with a right-aligned sidebar. One Column is a full width layout.With One Column selected for any page or post, the sidebar will be hidden for that page.

Further Customizations

If you need to make additional style changes or alter the theme template files, please read this post, which also includes downloadable child themes.