Implementing rich snippets on murmur template?

Hi, Is it possible to implement rich snippets on the murmur template? I got a tipe from a friend but he said that I need to access the html source code. Would that be possible? Or..

Images upside down

Hello! I’ve got a strange problem. If you go to the website and go through the images, you’ll find that some of the images are upside down. They are being uploaded correctly as far as I..


Hello, I added a original header image to my blog top page. The image displayed on Full size window normally, but couldn’t resize on small window (smart phone size and tablet size). I hope that to..

change font size on posts (front page)

Hello. I would like to change the font size in the boxes (Excerpts field) on the front page. I would like to have the text slighty bigger, is that possible? Thanks!

Some more questions

Hey, I added a few questions in my previous topic here, i’ll just post a link, that’ll be easier; Although you can answer them here if you like. Thnx!

Best Social plugin for murmur

Hi, Which social plugin do you recommend for the murmur theme? I tried sharebar but it destroyed my site :-(