Control speed or fade time of slider

Hello Tung, I have one more question. Can I control the speed or fade time of a slider on top page? My client hope to change photos more quickly. Thanks.

How to control the order of Portfolio Rolls

Hi, Tung. My client want to indicate Portfolio Rolls with his intention. Just like a ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’, ‘Winter’. I understand that a number of application decides the order. If each role would be selected for..

DP Portfolio plugin

Hello Tung. In Murmur Theme Settings I read: “Enter a number for the amount of slides you want to feature on the Portolio Showcase template. The slider works only if the DP Portfolio plugin is installed..

Change H1 settings

Is it possible to change the following section: to a H1:a without changing the appearance ( Is it possible to remove the H1;a from the menu text? For instance here I end up with..

Short codes in Portfolio Showcare.

I am trying to put a contact form in the third column under the slide. I have put [contact-form-7 id="194" title="Untitled"] in and saved and it just displays the short code and not the form.

problems with internet explorer for windows (new problem)

Hello! We discovered yesterday that the site looks really strange in Internet explorer for windows (and asks for “compatibility window”) .. When you look at the site in Chrome today, that is hw it looked a..


I want to use shortcodes but on some pages they do not parse. Yet, on other pages they do parse. Any thoughts?

One final questions; slideshow images

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the dimensions of the image that’s displayed in the slideshow. When you check the name of the last image for example, its dimensions are 620×438, is it possible to..