Create “Journal” like on murmur demo-site

Good morning Tung, I am trying to build my website to look like the demo. I think I understand: homepage = static page with portfolio showcase services, our team, about, contact = pages portfolio = automatically..

DP Portfolio – Translation of captions

Hello Tung, I would like to translate the titles “Client”, “Testimonial” and “Service provided” as shown in, because I need my website to talk german. I already looked into the “dp-portfolio.php”. Can you please tell..

How to remove paging

Hello, Short question; As you can see, there are 2 pages, is it possible to remove the paging and just have 1 page with all the items? Thnx!

Portfolio Thumbnails Page

I would like to create a portfolio thumbnails page as shown in image “Murmur-portfolio” of your theme gallery. Is this possible? There doesn’t appear to be a template for it. Currently, when you click on my..

DP Portfolio Plugin

Hi, I’m just looking to get the photo portfolio up and running on the main page of this site. On the theme settings page it stated that the DP Portfolio plugin was needed. I was unable..

Portfolio Showcase three features areas

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to setup the three featured areas to dynamically pull in the most recent blog/journal posts? Client is interested in having 1 or 2 posts display as “recent news..