Using tables in Murmur

I actually have a table of data I need to place on a static page using the Murmur Theme. However, my client would like it displayed without the (although elegant) 1px outline. I’m embarrassed to say..

Multiple “Portfolio” pages?

Firstly, I’d prefer my “Portfolio” page to be called “Gallery” – I see how to change this on the Menu page in WP – but how do I do this for the actual Portfolio php page?..

Need a blog template

Tung, I am showing custom post types in the home page (so I can’t go choose static page for homepage and select another page for blog) . I am looking for a blog template to show..

Team member page

Hi Tung, I would like to know which is the template for each team member page, i would like to remove the sidebar on this part of my website. Thanks

Need featured images of same size

Hi, I am showing custom post types in home page. I need to show all posts to show featured images of same size like a portrait and without the blank space when there is no excerpt..

Murmur – Images on Porfolio Page

Hello Tung, I have created some projects, and have created feature images for those projects. From the slider, an image can link to a project. Now on the project itself, I do not see a clear..

Wobbly in Chrome on a windows

Hello! We are experiencing problems viewing this in Chrome on a windows, can you look into what the problem might be? Thanks!

Editing thumbnails on portfolio-page

Hello Tung, I have one question left concerning the portfolio-plugin: As I understood, the thumbnails on are created automatically using the featured image. I want the thumbnail to show a different part of the image…