DP-Dashboard Base – Change font style

Hi there, Is there a way to change the font for DP Dashboard Base Style? Also how do i remove the wordpress logo/button on the admin bar? Thanks

Restricting certain user accounts to Hunter theme

This is more of a feature request than anything else, but I want to open a discussion about it. I’ve setup a nice site in which I allow the public to claim and edit a certain..

DP Dashboard not working in MU Plugins

Hey Tung, I am using the DP Dashboard plugin in my WordPress multisite, to give a unique and far better experience to my online community. So I want this to be the default interface and nobody..

Translating DP Dashboard

Hi there, I’d like to translate DP Dashboard to German (for free, of course). Please let me know if you already have i18n support, and which files you’d like me to translate. Thanks! ~Thomas