I know your not really supporting this at the moment but can you please tell me where i can download it, or email me a old version?

Old versions of DP Dashboard, available?

I saw a review of DP Dasboard and noticed the Dark Skin, and immediately got a membership. Only to find out Darkness has been discontinued. Is it possible to get the old versions of DP Dashboard?..

DP-Dashboard Shows Mobile View By Default

I have just installed DP Dashboard on WordPress 3.5.2 but the theme shows the compacted/mobile view by default, instead of the full view like this:

Nothing Happens After Activation

Hello! I recently downloaded and installed the DP Dashboard plugin, but when I activate it nothing occurs. I can provide login information for my WP backend but I’m not sure why nothing is happening.. I get..

DP Dashboard – Error with CSS

Hi, today I purchased DP Dashboard and after activate it, my complete CSS from Dashboard and my Side was broken. Here you can see it on a Picture: What should I do? Best regards