Still cannot access themes I purchased

Previous issue is not resolved, I cannot access the themes I purchased in September. Have been trying since Tuesday to get access and cannot work with themes that now reside at AlienWP. It is Friday and..

Using Hatch Pro….. Confused on where it went

I recently jumped back into working on my website. I downloaded hatch pro from devpress months ago, and it is no longer on this site. I had a question regarding the header size. I can’t find..

DP Dashboard Multi Site flickering!

When networking enabling a plugin on multi site. I access one of these sub sites, and the dashboard goes from the old admin style to DP dashboard very fast. But you see the transition. If you..

YouTube oembed not working

With the Oxygen theme, pasting in a YouTube url does not embed it as a video on the page. Notice the raw URL displaying beneath the heading “Houston, We Have A Problem” on the linked page…