Modify menu-primary-title

What I don’t like is that a reasonably narrow but usable browser window can result in important menu items being hidden under the “menu” pulldown. Ideally, I would like to get rid of the “menu” pulldown..

Jetpack Carousel not working, and squished images in Cascade

Hello, I’m using Cascade for my portfolio website. Right now I’m just using a standard wordpress gallery on the page but I would like to be able to use the carousel function offered with Jetpack…

Enable Header widgets on all layouts?

Hey Tung, I am trying to enable the header widget area for all layouts and not having any luck, I tried a bunch of things. Here is my local child functions file. Any help would be..

responsive mobile view

How can I make it so that it fills the screen? Is there an option to enable responsive mobile view? this is how it looks:

Layout adjustment of top nav & logo area

Hi there, My client would like their logo to bleed off the top of the page, & for the top nav to begin – to the right of the logo (the logo is left aligned). Here’s..

Gravity Forms li Style Issue in Cascade

Hello, It appears that with cascade the form element LI’s inside gravity form still have the image on the side of them. I can get rid of it by removing the background on the LI’s but..

A few problems with Cascade – Need help ASAP

Hey. I need some help with a few issues I’m having. I see in the Cascade options on your site that it is possible to get the menu bar under the logo. How would I do..