PHP Error on DP Dashboard Settings Screen

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /html/wp-content/plugins/dp-dashboard/admin/admin.php on line 111 this displays under “Select Themes” I currently have Base theme selected. Shows the above message when I go to the settings page.

Using Hatch Pro….. Confused on where it went

I recently jumped back into working on my website. I downloaded hatch pro from devpress months ago, and it is no longer on this site. I had a question regarding the header size. I can’t find..

Created a custom DP Dashboard theme but its all blank!

In my last problem I asked you that, I wanted to load my custom stylesheet for hunter immediately and you suggested that I should create a custom theme using the instruction in the readme file. Well..

Can’t set banner image

I have edited the upload_dir filter to use a custom media directory. Before the DP Dashboard plugin everything worked fine. After activating it, everything still works fine….except for the banner image. When I try to upload..

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