Enable Header widgets on all layouts?

Hey Tung, I am trying to enable the header widget area for all layouts and not having any luck, I tried a bunch of things. Here is my local child functions file. Any help would be..

Showcase Template – Excerpt for Recent Posts

Hi, Tung. For some reason, only the sticky posts are displaying excerpts when I use the Showcase template. All other recent posts display only the title and “read more” under the square thumbnail. Is there a..

One final questions; slideshow images

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the dimensions of the image that’s displayed in the slideshow. When you check the name of the last image for example, its dimensions are 620×438, is it possible to..

responsive mobile view

How can I make it so that it fills the screen? Is there an option to enable responsive mobile view? this is how it looks: http://i.imgur.com/43NzLzS.png

Blank Space On Right Side In Mobile View

Is there a way to adjust it so that it is responsive to take up full screen or equal distance on both side? Landscape and portrait mode has large blank space on the right side. See..

Implementing rich snippets on murmur template?

Hi, Is it possible to implement rich snippets on the murmur template? I got a tipe from a friend but he said that I need to access the html source code. Would that be possible? Or..

Layout adjustment of top nav & logo area

Hi there, My client would like their logo to bleed off the top of the page, & for the top nav to begin – to the right of the logo (the logo is left aligned). Here’s..

Hiding byline

Hi I set up a site for people every now and then, mostly portfolio sites with no blog functions. When using your theme like I did recently with Cinnamon, it displays “Published by ‘Author’” in posts…

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