I try to use the WPML plugin for translation. When activating this plugin most posts and pages disappear from the backend. I am trying to locate the the cause of this . Help is appreciated. Wordpress..

Portfolio Showcase three features areas

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to setup the three featured areas to dynamically pull in the most recent blog/journal posts? Client is interested in having 1 or 2 posts display as “recent news..

Zenith Menu Color Issue

Hi, I was able to change the background color of my blog to white. However, the menu color is still brown. I’m using the Zenith theme. Is there a way to change this color? All the..

Control speed or fade time of slider

Hello Tung, I have one more question. Can I control the speed or fade time of a slider on top page? My client hope to change photos more quickly. Thanks.

How to control the order of Portfolio Rolls

Hi, Tung. My client want to indicate Portfolio Rolls with his intention. Just like a ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’, ‘Winter’. I understand that a number of application decides the order. If each role would be selected for..

DP Dashboard Multi Site flickering!

When networking enabling a plugin on multi site. I access one of these sub sites, and the dashboard goes from the old admin style to DP dashboard very fast. But you see the transition. If you..

YouTube oembed not working

With the Oxygen theme, pasting in a YouTube url does not embed it as a video on the page. Notice the raw URL displaying beneath the heading “Houston, We Have A Problem” on the linked page…

Hatch Pro

Hi, We’re using Hatch-pro for a client’s site – have you dropped support for this?? We are having problems with the pagination for the post thumbnails on the homepage (as a quick fix we’ve gotten rid..

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