How to I make the DP Dashboard top bar fixed?

Hey there, I want to make the top bar fixed instead of the way it is right now. I like the concept of it being fixed in the original admin dashboard. Currently the position is absolute,..

How can I have a footer for the admin dashboard theme?

I want to display some copyright and trademark information along with some credits in the footer for the admin dashboard theme. How can I insert a footer in it, since I am using the hunter theme..

Modify menu-primary-title

What I don’t like is that a reasonably narrow but usable browser window can result in important menu items being hidden under the “menu” pulldown. Ideally, I would like to get rid of the “menu” pulldown..

Dotos menu

Hello! How do I add a centered textbox/enter menu with hover like this website? Are your menu possible to edit like that? With the responsive mobile layout?

DP Portfolio Plugin

Hi, I’m just looking to get the photo portfolio up and running on the main page of this site. On the theme settings page it stated that the DP Portfolio plugin was needed. I was unable..

cannot reply to your emails

In your latest newsletter you said to reply to that mail for your affiliate program. I did but you seem to have some mailserver problems: This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification THIS IS A..

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