CSS preprocessor support?

Is there any chance that some type of CSS preprocessor support will be made available for customizing sometime soon???

No automatic updating….

Hi I was testing on my localhost and noticed that no local updates were coming through so I had to download the latest release, any idea why that would happen?

Fanwood: change color of bar under site title

I am very new to wordpress and working with the Fanwood theme in MAMP. I want to change the color of the site title font and the “bar” underneath the site title and site description to..

3 column posts in category

I have two questions. 1. How to display 3 column post in a certain category, as on demo, food category. 2. Showing thumbnails in categories. Thanks

Have a fixed position top bar in the hunter DP dashboard theme

I had asked this question earlier but I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that the question was releated to the Hunter DP Dashboard theme. http://devpress.com/tickets/how-to-i-make-the-dp-dashboard-top-bar-fixed/ Anyways, I want to fix the position of the top bar..

Portfolio Thumbnails Page

I would like to create a portfolio thumbnails page as shown in image “Murmur-portfolio” of your theme gallery. Is this possible? There doesn’t appear to be a template for it. Currently, when you click on my..

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