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  1. Bryan Hoffman
    Bryan Hoffman

    Can’t agree with you enough. Learning from Justin and building on Hybrid Core has allowed me to create a legitimate business and support my family. Thank you Justin. Thank you so very much.

  2. Benjamin

    Okay, you may have just started the ball rolling… :)

  3. Ryan Hellyer
    Ryan Hellyer

    Nicely put. Justin is awesome, and underrated.

  4. Dorian Speed
    Dorian Speed

    Justin was actually the very FIRST WordPress genius I discovered back when I was getting started. (The Justinsomnia post about permalinks when moving Blogger to WordPress.) I now have learned that if I am Googling for a how-to, it often saves time to insert “justin tadlock” into the terms I’m searching for. Have very much benefited from his generosity with his knowledge.

    1. Ruairi Phelan
      Ruairi Phelan

      Inserting “justin tadlock” when googling is a great tip! The themehybrid.com form is also a great resource for anyone using WordPress.

  5. Thiago Senna
    Thiago Senna

    I’m another one who one day will pay the bills thanks to the great work done by Justin Tadlock. Probably 90% I learned about WordPress was in ThemeHybrid.com forums. My passion for hybrid-core is so much that I look with different eyes any developer who develop themes with the hybrid-core built-in.

    So, here goes my thanks too :)

  6. Hassan

    I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, but I am a huge fan! I actually learned how to code by studying his Hybrid framework. My hats off to you :)

  7. Harish

    Justin truly deserves more dedicated posts list these. I have received help from him either directly or through his tutorials too many times now to remember. He’s “The WordPress Guru”.

  8. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock

    You forgot to mention that I’m a kick-ass Halo player. :)

    I think I owe just as much credit to you, Tung, as anyone in the WordPress community. I didn’t really “get” theme development until I read your “So you want to create WordPress themes, huh?” tutorial series. At the time, I was just messing around with a few themes I found around the Web, but those tutorials changed everything for me. Who know what I’d be doing now if you’d never wrote that series?

    1. Hence "Han" Wijaya
      Hence "Han" Wijaya

      I thought I know everything about wordpress theme until I sent my very first free hybrid base wp theme to Justin, then I realize I am wrong. My code was messy, just like my english :(. He was so kind and patience to review where I can improve my code, follow the guidelines. My theme has been approved finally after so many revisions and now available at http://wordpress.org/themes/celebrate
      and I guess my skill level has been improved because of his lessons.
      I also enjoyed reading his blog. Next thing I’d like to learn from him is English writing, as he is an ex English teacher :-)
      Thanks Justin for being so awesome! And let me know if I don’t give enough credit /attribution in my theme

  9. Sami Keijonen
    Sami Keijonen

    Justin, we salute you.

  10. oEmbed in Comments
    oEmbed in Comments

    [...] I’m using this plugin on DevPress. See examples of Twitter and Youtube embeds in the comments of this article. [...]

  11. mikei

    Thank you Justin! I’m still learning silently).

  12. wiselywoven

    Well said Tung Do! Kudos and cheers to Justin for giving so much to many of us in the WordPress community!

  13. Sara Tetreault
    Sara Tetreault

    I’ve never met Justin but happily refer to him as “Saint Justin” when talking about him. At a WordPress users meeting, I was asked to give a presentation about my use of WordPress (honestly, I think I was the humor relief part of the evening!) but my power point was highlighting how someone like myself can “do” php and other amazing feats. In the slides was a picture of Justin with a halo that I photoshopped in. He deserves the halo and his patience with non-techy people like myself is great!!

  14. Marisa Wright
    Marisa Wright

    I’ll add my fan mail to the list! I’m not a developer, I’m just a website owner with limited technical knowledge and an even more limited budget. I stumbled across Themehybrid.com when it was recommended on a blog somewhere and have never looked back. The themes are well designed and the support is nothing short of spectacular.

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