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  1. PageLines DMS Video Review: A pretty cool free product | Theme Lab
    PageLines DMS Video Review: A pretty cool free product | Theme Lab

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  2. mikei

    Tried it out. Agree with every word. But very impressive. BTW, where is the logo?

  3. PageLines DMS is Pretty Cool (and free) | wpyeti.com
    PageLines DMS is Pretty Cool (and free) | wpyeti.com

    [...] Pagelines DMS, Too Sexy for Release by Tung Do of DevPress [...]

  4. Sarah jane
    Sarah jane

    I can’t figure out how to add my logo either! I had Pagelines for a while and uploaded DMS this week and can’t figure out how to get my logo uploaded. There are no options for the DMS drag and drop – it doesn’t want to work for me. I bought a branding extension, and now I can’t figure out how to add that into DMS so I can even use it. I am not a techy person, but I know enough about my site to get it working fairly well. The Pagelines forums are down (or gone), too, since they redesigned their site :/ I am going to pay someone to help me or buy a new framework and theme.

  5. Cesar Falcao
    Cesar Falcao

    Good first impression. I was very excited waiting for the Pagelines DMS launch.and now it’s here I’m confused how to operate it….sure, it looks “perfect” in the Pagelines videos, but I can’t understand how to do what I want to do with it. And all the people of Pagelines saying it’s so easy anyone can use just make me feel like an idiot.
    In my opinion Pagelines DMS is a good product, but is wasn’t ready for the prime time.

  6. Sachin Nambiar
    Sachin Nambiar

    1. Do you want to add content to your front end which cannot be modified in your back end?
    2. Do you want to style your buttons/elements with [pl_button type="info"]button here[/pl_button]

    For 1. You decide to change you design or layout based on SEO you are screwed
    For 2. You decide to change your theme you are screwed

    So basically you are tied/stuck to their framework

    Good for brochure sites. But with Banners/Hero’s/Boxes almost most sites will look the same. To change you would need to dig in. Which means you might as well have used a different framework anyway. Sorry but Headway is far better on this. The only reason it lags is because it doesn’t have enough blocks right now and the owners are simply not marketing guys. Bad for wordpress. Then if it were good for brochure sites why would you not down a free beautiful html5 template and go from there?

    Am not sure why PL 3 is marketed as a new thing. Its not, after playing around with it for few hours i realised its the same system but built better looking and differently.

    What i like – Out of the box good looking sections (equivalent of blocks in headway). But a good looking section still looks the same across all sites. You can customise, but then why buy this framework??

    1. Sachin Nambiar
      Sachin Nambiar

      They have some good guys among their developers like Nick Haskins and James. They help people and great guys. But the product in itself is just not upto the mark.

  7. x3mGroup

    Unfortunately i am also having negative feelings about DMS from PageLines, i have been a PageLines (dev) customer for a few years now. i had bad experience whit their sales and support at the time of the Pagelines Framework update/upgrade/release (from PlatformPro), it was chaotic, existing customers of PlatformPro didn’t where to get the discount, nor where they well informed, it was a total mess.

    Now with the release of DMS it’s mayhem all over again, emailed question get answered very late, activations that are not working, customer can’t login, and on top of all this PageLines got hacked.
    And at this time i don’t know if i will go again with a new wp application from PageLines.

    I am a very satisfied customer of HEADWAY (and iThemes Builder) and to the contrary of PageLines both have a good sales and technical support. The new release events of HEADWAY and iThemes are mostly spotless.

    DMS maybe a game changer, but PageLines should take also care about the support and sales quality, and show their appreciation for the existing customers they have.

  8. Eerik Muukkonen
    Eerik Muukkonen

    I gave DMS a couple of tests a few days back. I am not sure if you guys notice it too, I found it to be rather slow. It takes a couple of seconds before I can see changes I made are actually applied, not good… Headway performs way much better in this department.

    1. Oliver Nielsen
      Oliver Nielsen

      PageLines DMS is indeed slower than most of the competition, including Headway. I had hoped they would improve upon PageLines 2.x’s heavy code. But nope. It’s actually the exact same performance. No better or worse…

      PS: Btw, read my just released PageLines DMS review on my site.


  9. sachingopalakrishnan

    The concept is a mix and match of headway + jetstrap.com. And they built it over wordpress.

  10. DJIO

    PageLines DMS translations are getting ready, but we still need the help of compromised translators to several languages. If you feel like being part of the revolution, please join us on Transifex.


  11. Mathew Porter
    Mathew Porter

    Looks awesome guys, sorry to hear about the issues.

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    Design Management Systems Make Web Design Accessible « Stuporous

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  13. Sara

    Great review and I totally agree. I was a pagelines framework customer and really enjoyed it until the release of DMS. I like to design very customized sites from a framework, not a generic looking plug and play.

    I am not a developer, I am a designer but I know enough about style sheets/CSS and html to be dangerous. What DMS did was make it easy for the average Joe to put together a site from scratch, looking very generic. What it didn’t do was keep all of the functions needed (especially the hooker plugin that manages all of the hooks for the pagelines site) for designers like me to add in the custom look without tons of php writing and other heavy code edits.

    Its a huge disappointment and to top it off, Pagelines support has been very rude, non responsive and unsympathetic to their loyal paying customers. They basically ripped the rug right out from underneath their current customers to release this “revolutionary” drag and drop shit so the average Joe can make an okay looking, generic site. I will be leaving pagelines after a year of developing some awesome sites on their old framework and outsourcing the developing/coding to a third party. It’s just not worth it and I don’t want to be stuck in this same position a year from now when they make their current customers switch to their “next best thing”. Total bullshit.

  14. Chris Ratchford
    Chris Ratchford

    I’ve been a big fan of the folks at PageLines… and I’ve kept my mouth shut until now. But this DMS debacle has left a sour taste in my mouth… actually more like it hurts to sit down.

    Their staff is overwhelmed by the recent mess and they can’t keep up with the amount of support tickets. They also aren’t responding in a timely manner. But they sure will keep taking your money with that subscription. I wonder if they should suspend the automatic monthly payment until they get this nightmare resolved.

    PageLines was a great product, but their mismanagement of DMS and the two hacks have shown everyone that they aren’t ready for the limelight.

    Is much as I hate to say this, I’d recommend you stay far away from PageLines until they get things resolved.

  15. John B
    John B

    I loved using the Pagelines framework. My imperfect knowledge of CSS was enough for me to make my sites look customised. But the DMS debacle is a disgrace. I won’t be going anywhere near it; they’ve left their existing customers up shit creek without a paddle – and then have the audacity to complain when we complain! I’ve just designed my first site with Headway, and have to say, I’m impressed. Customer service is prompt – and thankfully free of Pagelines-style marketing jargon/bullshit. The product takes a while to get used to – and I’m not on top of it yet, but I’ve put up a pretty handsome 7-page site with three templates, and enjoyed customising it using the Headway tools. Give it a go. Pagelines? Who needs ‘em?

    1. Chris Ratchford
      Chris Ratchford

      @JohnB- preachin’ to the choir! How does Headway stack up to PL with all the customization features and plugins/sections? I made quite an investment in the PL store.

      But if Headway has a robust store offering, I’m willing to entertain the idea of switching.

      1. Sara

        @johnb @ChrisRatchford I completely agree and I would be interested in knowing more about how Headway compares to Pagelines. I am either going to switch to another company or I am going to just start designing sites and then outsourcing the coding. Any suggestions? I’ve tried to learn DMS and I just hate it…what a shitty product. And they can’t stop bragging about how many people have jumped on board…please.

        I wish someone could purchase the old pagelines framework (a good, moral company…not a bunch of arrogant non-customer service oriented jerks) and keep running with it. That product is seriously awesome but I don’t want to keep building on something that is being “phased out.”

        1. Chris Ratchford
          Chris Ratchford


          IMHO I really don’t think the folks at PL are assholes. I just think they’re treading water and at their breaking point.

          I think they were totally unprepared for what happened to them (I don’t know many companies that would be prepared). These guys got blind sided and I’m worried that they’re retreating/backed in a corner and are at a breaking point.

          I don’t doubt that they’ve been working nonstop. But at the end of the day it’s a business. And if they can’t keep up, then we gotta look elsewhere. The last thing you want to do is sink with them.

          Now about their support- I think they need some help. You gotta have thick skin. I know that is easier said than done. I’ve had clients who’ve driven me crazy and I’ve told them to go elsewhere. But the overall consensus is that they are defensive and getting irritated at their customers’ reactions.

          Even before the DMS debacle, I witnessed one of the PL store developers (independent of PL) cop an attitude with one of the customers- a number of times. I had to ask pretty please with sugar on top to help w/ a product.

          That is inexcusable. But hopefully this nightmare has taught them a lesson.

          1. Oliver Nielsen
            Oliver Nielsen

            Very valid comments Chris.

            Recently I’ve been thinking about what it is, that makes the PageLines community lean towards this outwardly passive aggressive tone. What makes it become a part of their culture?

            It seems pervasive.

            “haters are gonna hate” is seen again and again throughout the comments on their blog. Outsiders (aka potential customers/converts just naturally on the fence) are scorned upon for little reason.

            While the community feels hard to love, and DMS as a product could have been launched and conceived better, I do think it’s a welcome addition to the WordPress theme market (apart from the subscription pricing aspect which is quite lame and too expensive) – just so hard to endorse them these days. And their customer support and crisis control is below average.

  16. jason

    Couldn’t take the lack of service. One thing they did do well was false advertising. It’s not an easily customizable, drag-n-drop system…unless your good with every site looking exactly the same. Now before they even finished getting everything in DMS ironed out, they have launched Karma…

    Happily, I closed out my relationship with PageLines this morning and hopefully forever…unless a client is somehow set on using it. We will see if they manage not to charge me anymore.

  17. Marsil

    I have used paglines products for a few years. With the release of the DMS theme the people behind pagelines abandon all current customers on the Framework!

    I will never support them again!

  18. Pro

    We worked with PageLine DMS for a month+ intensively. VERY LIMITED and endless mistakes like typographical wrong spacing and iBox numbering with no logic.

    It is sooooo limiting that you need to spend some $200 to be equipped with very basic additional sections like “accordion”…..

    I don’t understand what is all the hype from the “creator” and all the emails “revealing” “the fear of the competitors”…….

  19. Chris Ratchford
    Chris Ratchford

    Almost a full month and these ass clowns have yet to fix the problems. My tone is quickly changing.

    I’ve gone to Twitter to scare off any people who are interested in using PageLines. Hopefully if people are searching for PageLines reviews or PageLines complaints, they’ll come to this blog post and read all issues that are still going on.

    I have a couple sites that are still in development using PageLines, but I’m all ears for alternatives to PageLines!!!

    1. Chris Ratchford
      Chris Ratchford

      I’m happy to report that it looks like the folks at PageLines may be turning the corner… We’re not out of the woods yet, but at least their Hooker plugin is working again.

      I just wish their store was connected to the PageLines dashboard in WordPress.

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