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Thanks Tung! That fixed it. I see what the issue was now. I appreciate the great support.
- John cole

Membership FAQs

  1. Payment Terms

    A one-time payment for one year of access, no auto-renew. To renew your account, follow the Renew link on your Account page.

  2. What happens after my membership expires?

    You will lose access to member-only products and services. Any theme/product you've downloaded is yours to keep.

  3. Support Policy

    Support does not include customizations and troubleshooting third party plugin issues. View full support policy.

  4. Can I get a refund?

    If you are not able to register or download after completing payment, yes. Once you've registered and logged in, then no because DevPress products are digital/intangible.

  5. How often do you update themes?

    As often as needed to keep up with standards and with the current version of the WordPress platform itself. Keeping your WordPress version up to date is recommended.

  6. Do I have to pay for updates?

    Yes, if you want to update through the most convenient way -- your WordPress admin panel. If you're a free theme user without an active membership, with each update, you must go back to the theme download page, download the updated .zip file, then manually upload it to your site.

  7. Do you support sites?

    Although some free DevPress themes may be hosted on, DevPress is not affiliated with DevPress documentations and support are for self-hosted sites only, not hosted sites.

    It's important to understand that themes on have been modified to function well with the environment. Some features might have been added/removed by the team.