Learning to Move in the Right Direction


Suggested by a reader through email months ago, I agreed to create a magazine theme based on some of the links sent to me. After completing the front page preview you see above and even designs for sub pages, I left this theme concept on the shelf for two months and have decided to throw it away to work on a different theme to release in August. Why? It’s just not in line with what’s coming for DevPress.com.

I was researching and working on DevPress hosting platform in June and recently restructured the site in July to cater to my own needs. Everything on DevPress is moving towards solving my own problems and problems of the individual, not group needs. A magazine theme is more useful to a team of writers or editors and that’s not the audience DevPress will cater to.

While future DevPress products might be useful to groups, they will always solve problems of the individual first. I’ve also decided not to create and support things I don’t use. Solving my own needs lead me to creating cool stuff like the DP Dashboard plugin. The difference in quality shows when I’m solving my own problems instead of just focusing on turning out new products to increase profit.

So moving forward, I’m just going to focus on creating things I’m interested in and sharing them with you.

About Tung Do

Watermelon and fried-food loving theme designer from Dalat, Vietnam. I love designing themes. I heard the key to happiness with what you do for a living is to find the one thing you'd do for free. Designing themes is my thing. I know this because I've done it for free.

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  1. I’ve also decided not to create and support things I don’t use. Solving my own needs lead me to creating cool stuff like the DP Dashboard plugin.

    This is definitely the way I think about things too. If you don’t use or feel good about your products, don’t offer them to others.

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